There are many different ways you can show your support, and we will ALWAYS honor your wishes:
           SPONSORSHIP:  Full Sponsor: allows OPS to prioritize the allocation of funds & to manage long-term projects like rent & website development
                                          Show Sponsor: allows OPS to apply funds to defray overhead costs of a specific show
                                          Workshop or Class Sponsor:  allows OPS to purchase supplies, pay for advertising, & offer scholarships
                                          Guest Series Sponsor: pays for the room & board for visiting guest artists
                                          All & Sundry Sponsor:  pays for a specific component of a show, workshop, or class by indicating: "props," "costumes,"                                                             "royalties," "tech," "tickets & advertising," or "merchandise."
            PARTNERSHIP:  Community Partner:  Joins in furthering the mission of OPS through planning, marketing, supporting, and networking.  You can                                           be an  OPS  Partner by sharing resources, venues, and promotional opportunities.                                                                                                                               For more information, email:
            PROGRAM ADVERTISING:  You can purchase advertising space in our Show Program with a customized message or your business                                                                  information.

Thank you for your decision to Support Off Pitt Street Productions!  

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