OPS is made up of two, distinct groups.  OPS PRO is the production company, and OPS Guild is the educational/community organization.   For more information, click on the "OPS PRO" or "OPS GUILD" links.ve performances.  OPS requires both talent and professionalism.
 If you would like to be scheduled for an audition, please submit an interest form below, and we will contact you.  SINGING IS NOT REQUIRED.   Please mention any special strengths you would like us to consider.  If you are interested in OPS Tech (no audition required), please indicate that along with your experience in your message.
**NOTE: Admission to the Guild does NOT guarantee compensation through OPS Productions.
OPS GUILD members are selected by audition and invitation only.  We encourage any interested applicants to first either stop in at OPS and watch a rehearsal, or come to one of our live performances.  OPS requires both talent and professionalism.